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Martial eagle impales an impala on golf course

Martial eagle impales an impala on golf course

Play was interrupted on a golf course in South Africa recently as a massive eagle was spotted feasting on a baby impala.

The accompanying footage was captured at Skukuza Golf Club, which bills itself as the “wildest course in the world.”

The footage shows golfers pausing to watch the martial eagle over its prey, with the videographer describing the scene as “unreal.”

Skukuza is in Kruger National Park and the course is unfenced. Lions and other large critters roam its fairways, but they’re rarely spotted during playing hours.

Martial eagles are among the largest eagles in Africa, with wingspans measuring nearly eight feet. They’re opportunistic predators capable of spotting potential prey a distance of three miles.

Martial eagles prey on mammals, birds, and reptiles. They also kill livestock, making the large raptors vulnerable to ranchers and farmers.

Martial eagles are listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).


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