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With Help from Home, Palacios Primed to Make Impact for Utah Golf

With Help from Home, Palacios Primed to Make Impact for Utah Golf

SALT LAKE CITY – Family and athletics are two threads that are often intertwined and Gabriel Palacios’ family is a perfect example. Growing up with a father and brother who would often be at the golf course helped grow Palacios’ interest in and passion for the game. And as the Guatemala native has adjusted to life in the United States and the intensely competitive atmosphere that exists in college golf, his supporters back home have never wavered in their belief in Palacios’ ability to succeed. “My support system has been great,” he said, “and they’ve supported me every step of the way.”

For Gabriel Palacios, growing up in a family where golf is woven into the fabric of the household meant it wasn’t long before he starting picking up the clubs. “Since I was three or four years old,” said Palacios, “I started picking up those plastic clubs. My dad played golf, also my brother and grandfather so it was kind of in the family.”

It also meant the competition to be the best golfer in the family was always intense. “My brother and my dad were the two people I wanted to beat all time,” said Palacios, “I played with them a lot. I think when I was 12, the three of us were at about the same level. They helped me a lot and they became role models.”

As Palacios’ competitive drive for golf came alive and he continued looking for ways to improve on the links, he received guidance from three experienced golfers, all of whom helped him in various ways, starting with his coach. “My coach back home. Edy Zamora,” said Palacios. “He’s someone I look up to a lot. He taught me how to approach golf and be humble about it. I think those values really stuck with me, helping me stay humble and work.”

 He also received advice from two of the best players in his home country. “Jose Toledo is right now the best player in Guatemala and plays professionally,” said Palacios. “He’s had some key points that I’ve looked up to, but mainly his golf game is something I’ve looked up to a lot. Another amateur player, Alejandro Villavicencio, he’s taken me under his wing the last couple of years. He’s an older player, but I’ve learned so much from him.”

While golf was a constant presence in Palacios’ life growing up and the time he spent with his coaches continued to hone his skills, it took a very specific event to transform his enjoyment of the…


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