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PGA Tour players tell their favorite Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines tales

PGA Tour players tell their favorite Tiger Woods at Torrey Pines tales

Keegan Bradley, left, talks to Tiger Woods on the 17th fairway during a practice round for the Masters.

Woods was the source of one of Keegan Bradley’s “Welcome to the PGA Tour” moments during his rookie season at Torrey Pines.

“I was on this putting green out here and I was still in awe of everything my rookie year. Everything was just I couldn’t believe it, living out my dream. I was putting and there was so many people around the putting green and I heard this like buzz or this commotion. I didn’t know what was going on and I looked around and Tiger had walked down to the putting green. It was like a holy cow moment for me. Like I’m trying to putt but I’m still like peeking over to see, like I’ve never really seen him before. It just struck me.”

“There’s holes out here mostly because of Tiger that you remember. You remember shots that he hit in U.S. Opens and it’s just a special place.”

“Yeah, I remember the putt that he made on 13 for eagle in the back to the front, and of course all the shots on 18 in that last playoff hole. I think when you come to a golf course that you’ve never played and you kind of know it already just from watching it, like Augusta or Pebble too, I think that’s pretty special.”

“I grew up watching Tiger win here, shots he hit, incredible up-and-downs. It’s got a lot of great history.”

But has he ever tried to recreate any of those shots?

“I don’t know if we go over there and hit the shots, but we know, I know that that putt on 13 that Tiger made for eagle breaks right to left and then back left to right because of that putt. I can see that overhead blimp shot of that putt going in. So there’s memories of that.”

“I can’t say that I’ve gone out and tried to hit — certainly as a kid I was trying to be like Tiger Woods, but I’m not coming out here and doing it right now, no.”


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