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Speaker, rangefinder company improving upon three favorites

Speaker, rangefinder company improving upon three favorites

ORLANDO — Bushnell Golf continues to allow golfers to unleash its inner DJ.

The original Wingman, a bluetooth speaker for golf, was introduced in 2020 and has created a category of its own, giving distances to the front, back and center of the green in addition to the high-quality audio for tunes.

The Wingman View followed but now the company is introducing the Wingman II, which will be released in March.

“We basically took our original Wingman and fixed the things that annoyed people,” said Candice Wood, Bushnell Golf’s trade marketing manager.

The Wingman includes a magnetic cart mount to provide golfers the convenience of having the cylindrical speaker mounted right on the cart bar and they have made that magnet even stronger.

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The rechargeable battery provides up to 14 hours on a charge, up from 10 – the new version added a helpful battery indicator and changed the charging port to a USB-C universal cord. There’s also a port for charging other devices. The Wingman II will sell for $149.99 and should continue to be popular in swag bags and as corporate gifts. (It’s also available as a mini.)

Bushnell has created a cottage industry of bluetooth speakers for golfers with the Wingman series. (Courtesy Bushnell)

Bushnell is introducing a new version of its popular rangefinder, the Pro X3+. It includes all the same bells and whistles as well as new wind speed and direction when connected to the mobile app. The price for the unit remains $599.

“Once consumers use it, I think it’s going to be a huge hit,” Wood said.

In the summer, Bushnell will bring out the Phantom 3, a hand-held device with a new touchscreen and slope-compensated GPS distances at a touch. It is available in four colors including red, white and blue, and will retail for $149.

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