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The Anthony Kim comeback! | The bunkered Podcast

What it’s like to hit a 452-yard drive (and what now for LIV?)

After 12 years in the wilderness, it appears as though Anthony Kim is finally ready to make his return to golf – but where will he play? How will he play? Can he still compete? And was he ever really that good to begin with? 

Michael, Bryce and Alex discuss the American’s rumoured comeback on this week’s episode of The bunkered Podcast.  

Elsewhere, there’s reaction to the controversy surrounding transgender golfer Hailey Davidson, praise for Nick Dunlap, and a full preview of the new LIV Golf League season which gets under way this week. First order of business: will Jon Rahm make any difference to LIV’s fortunes?  

Plus, Alex’s Honesty Box answer leaves Michael and Bryce absolutely disgusted… 

Tune-in now! 

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