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Fairway To Heaven: Majesticks GC’s Henrik Stenson and Ian Poulter

Fairway To Heaven: Majesticks GC's Henrik Stenson and Ian Poulter

Henrik Stenson and Ian Poulter join Jerry Foltz and Su-Ann Heng on Fairway to Heaven to discuss how their team is going to bounce back after a disappointing 2023 LIV Golf Season. Two of Majesticks GC’s three captains talk about the difference in strategy playing in a LIV Golf Event, which one of them is easier to caddie for, and the dynamics of having three captains on the same team. Su-Ann also finds out Henrik’s favorite karaoke song.

YT Time Codes:
0:00 – Intro
1:31 – Legion XIII
3:43 – New Players on LIV Golf
8:55 – Henrik Stenson and Ian Poulter Join The Show
9:45 – Majesticks GC’s Plan for Bouncing Back
19:43 – Difference in Strategy Playing in LIV Event
25:27 – Who’s Easier to Caddie For?
28:11 – Why was the Team Aspect so Intriguing?
32:05 – Little Sticks
36:44 – Ian Talking About Henrik’s Win on LIV
38:11 – Henrik Talking About What Makes Poulter Successful
42:30 – How Does 3 Captains Work on Majesticks?
45:39 – Tyrrell Hatton Joins LIV
50:23 – Quick 3 with Su-Ann
55:34 – Outro

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