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Odyssey Ai ONE Cruiser putters

Odyssey Ai ONE Double Wide Cruiser

Gear: Odyssey Ai ONE Cruiser putters
Price: $349.99 each
Specs: Cast stainless steel heads with adjustable sole weights.
Available: February 8 (pre-order), March 15 (in stores)

Who It’s For: Golfers who struggle with distance control and who want a more solid, stable-feeling putter.

The Skinny: While the Ai ONE insert helps golfers improve their distance control by normalizing ball speed over a larger area, the Cruiser putters’ heavier weight should help players make a smoother, better-quality stroke.

The Deep Dive: When anchored puttering strokes were outlawed by the USGA and R&A in 2016, some players looked to heavier putters and counterbalanced putters to get some of the stability back in their game. Lighter putters can encourage golfers to get their hands and wrists more involved in the stroke, which can lead to inconsistency. However, heavier putters and clubs that have extra weight added to the top of the handle tend to quiet your hands and encourage players to make a smoother stroke, which can enhance consistency.

In time, the counterbalanced putter surge quieted and faded. The trend towards generally heavier putters continued, with many putters now typically weighing 345 or 350 grams, which is about 20-25 grams heavier than putters made in the early 2000s.

With the release of the new Cruiser family of putters, Odyssey is looking to blend the stability and stroke-enhancing features of longer, counterbalanced putters with a face technology created using artificial intelligence.

At the heart of the new Cruiser putter family is the new Ai ONE, which made its debut this winter in the standard Ai ONE putters. On the outside, the insert looks like a standard White Hot insert with a series of grooves milled into the hitting area. However, on the interfacing side of the urethane insert, artificial intelligence has created a series of thicker and thinner areas that help to normalize ball speed. Traditionally, when you strike a pot in the center, you get the best energy transfer, but when you strike a pot towards the heel or toe, the ball rolls out less far. With the AI ONE insert, center strikes are slowed down slightly while mis-hits roll out a touch further, so your overall distance control is enhanced. A transparent polymer window in each putter allows you to see the rippled backside of the insert.

Pre-order Ai ONE Cruise putters

Odyssey Ai ONE Double Wide Cruiser

A window on the back of the Double Wide Cruiser allows you to see the variable-thickness Ai ONE insert….


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