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Can You Stand Out Of Bounds To Play A Ball In Bounds?

Can You Stand Out Of Bounds To Play A Ball In Bounds?

Although the answer to this specific question is very short, it’s worth just spending a little time here on certain related elements that may come in handy, too, such as knowing how to determine whether or not your ball is actually in or out of bounds when it’s a close call

First, though, that short answer to the question being specifically asked here… it’s a ‘yes’. The only thing that is relevant to the out of bounds rule (Rule 18) is your golf ball and where it is lying. You, as the player, are allowed to stand anywhere to play a ball that is within the boundaries of the golf course, even beyond out of bounds if it’s practically possible (e.g., merely a line on the ground rather than a fence or wall). 

Standing out of bounds to play ball that is in bounds

If the ball is in bounds, as here, then this is absolutely fine under the Rules of Golf

(Image credit: Kenny Smith)

What do I do if my ball is out of bounds?


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