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PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan talks State of the Tour

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan talks State of the Tour

Monahan had to know this question was coming and could have answered with an easy yes or no.

At any point over the last nine months, have any of the player directors on the Policy Board called on you or any of the independent directors on that board to resign?

“You know, there’s been a lot of good-spirited debate amongst our board,” he said. “I don’t think that would be a surprise to anybody, you know, given the events of last summer. But we are a unified front. Our Policy Board continues to perform and function at a very high level with great support from our player directors, and the formation of PGA Tour Enterprises, with a new board, a new board comprised of four members of SSG, seven players, or six player directors and Joe Ogilvie, who is a liaison director, myself and Jo Gorder, who is the independent director serving on that board.

“I’m excited to work with both boards. For me, I’m honored to serve as commissioner and now be a member of the PGA Tour Policy Board, and also honored to be CEO of PGA Tour Enterprises and be a part of that board, and committed to working with each of those boards to make sure we’re moving this business forward and achieving what we can achieve to its full capacity.”

The way Monahan chose to dodge a direct question in this case makes you wonder if the true answer is yes, he was asked to resign.

Q.  As a follow-up then, do you feel you have the full backing, the full confidence of all the players that you are the right man to move this deal forward?

“You know, that’s a question that you’ll have to ask for players. I can’t generalize as it relates to players, but clearly given the responsibility I’ve been given by both boards, I have the support of our board, and I am the right person to lead us forward. I know that. I believe that in my heart, and I’m determined to do exactly that.”

This was a logical follow-up, but not sure what else Monahan could really say here than what he said.


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