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Looking For A New Putting Mat? One Of Our Favorites Is Now Under $100

Looking For A New Putting Mat? One Of Our Favorites Is Now Under $100

Everyone wants to get better at golf and save shots on the course. One of the easiest ways to do that is in the putting department; if you can hole more putts, then you are going to take less shots.

So, how can you get better on the greens? Well, one of the best ways is to purchase a putting mat, an item that can be set up in the comfort of your own home, an item that won’t break the bank when it comes to cash, and an item that helps you hone your putting stroke.

The best putting mats vary in price, with the top models exceeding hundreds of dollars but, this is where this model comes in… Perfect Practice are a brand that make some of the best putting aids on the market, with their Putting Mat Collegiate Edition now reduced on Amazon.

To begin with, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat is endorsed by two-time Major winner, Dustin Johnson, with the Collegiate Edition measuring 9′ 6″. This may be on the long side but, if you have the space, it provides an excellent set up when laid out in your home. 

What’s more, for that personal touch, there are a number of College names available, which feature in their team’s colors. These include some of the biggest Colleges in the country, such as the Arizona State Sun Devils, Georgia Bulldogs, Ohio State and University of Texas, so you can practice whilst supporting your favorite side.

Having tested the Perfect Practice Putting Mat before, we know the quality that is on offer. Beginning with the construction, it essentially comes in three main sections, with the mat itself attached to the raised, wooden end part with two holes of different sizes in it. There is also a wooden backstop and four wooden slats that fit together to create a channel for the ball to roll back to the player but, on shorter putts, you can remove one of the slats for even more convenience. 

Performance-wise, the mat worked well on both a tiled floor (kitchen) and a carpeted floor, but it’s worth noting that, to get the maximum amount of performance from it, you must be careful with how you store the mat. However, it’s easy to pack away and, once set up, the ball rolls excellently and consistently.

Photo montage of the perfect putting mat

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One final point is that there are various different lines on the mat to help with both the path of your stroke and the start line of your putts. These are the elements that really matter when it comes to consistency on the greens, with the putting mat also an effective way to choose the best golf ball for putting with, or to get a…


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