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Can anybody stop Scottie Scheffler?

What it’s like to hit a 452-yard drive (and what now for LIV?)

With his come-from-behind win at The PLAYERS Championship, world No.1 Scottie Scheffler consolidated his position as the game’s most dominant player, which begs the question: can anybody stop him? 

Michael, Bryce and Alex reflect on Scheffler’s Sawgrass success (try saying that ten times really fast) and discuss what he has to do to get to the next level. Michael also outlines why he hates the expression ‘Tiger-esque’.  

Elsewhere, the guys discuss Jay Monahan’s future, the big meeting in the Bahamas, and Jon Rahm’s magnificent Masters menu.  

Plus, ‘What The Hell Is That Sponsor’ makes an overdue return and there’s some spirited debate about which golfer would make the best James Bond and Bond villain. 

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