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Lottie Woad conquers windy day at Champions Retreat

2024 Augusta National Women's Amateur

Asterisk Talley of the United States plays her stroke from the No. 5 tee during round one of the Augusta National Women’s Amateur at Champions Retreat Golf Club, Wednesday, April 3, 2024. (Photo: Shanna Lockwood/Augusta National)

Asterisk Talley, the youngest player in the field at 15, had to make a 5-footer on the last hole (No. 9) to make the cut. Her father and caddie, Jim, had no idea and admitted that was probably for the best. Otherwise, he might have been in there trying to help too much.

“I might have messed it up,” he said, with a laugh.

Talley can thank her dad for her unique first name, which means “little star” in Greek. Her mother, Brandii, is Greek. When asked whether she liked her name, Talley said it has its ups and downs.

“Some people are like, wow, really cool name,” she said, “and then some people are like, what the hell is that, and it’s like, sorry, I didn’t choose it. You just live with it.”

Talley likes to put an “x” when she dots the “I” in her name to make an asterisk sign. She’s been working on her autograph since adults started asking her for it around age 8. Her father, a former graphic designer turned corrections officer, has been working on a logo. When asked whether it might be embroidered on her clothes, which her father mostly buys on eBay, Talley said, “We’re not there yet, but that might happen.”

There’s no question about where Talley wants to go in this game. She’s quick to say she wants to be No. 1, and if she can get to the LPGA without going to college, even better.


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