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Selling change – Golf Inc Magazine

Selling change - Golf Inc Magazine

An organization works hard to build an operation that drives profit. No business can last without it. It must make more than enough money to pay the staff, the utilities, taxes, and suppliers. In the case of a golf property, there is also that level of profit that will afford it the ongoing green light to create unique experiences for members and guests. Profit, for some, has turned into a dirty word in the recent past, yet for you, it remains top of mind. Know there is no embarrassment in making significant profits. No shame in building margin into the story that provides excellent service, as well as top-level hospitality enjoyed by your golfers. Continue to dig, searching for new ways to express a great time.

Most businesses, especially those in golf hospitality, will not survive by striving to be the low-cost provider. In addition to the expenses noted above, there is the cost of maintenance, a number that will only continue to rise. Quality comes with a price tag. It is essential, therefore, to keep your eyes on costs as you work with your team to create and execute good times. As you punch through ideas with your leaders, it can be a good idea to share the thoughts with a few members, as well as key employees.  Creating events and programs in a vacuum can miss the sweet spot. Whether you create a council of men and women members to help you navigate the event calendar, or ask a few for their opinion, communicating with those on the other end of the experience should be a considered step in your planning. Profit is essential. At the same time, value sits right there, on the other end of the scale, enabling you and your leadership to weigh what might work. With the game remaining on fire, reinvention is a constant theme, one that must balance the opportunity for profit with the need to stock the calendar with variety, newness, and fun. Here, in this In My Opinion post, I offer three ideas on building a significant calendar while acquiring buy-in:

Ongoing communication with staff and golfers is vital to gaining interest and signups: Think about a fun event newsletter to come out when there is something new to present. Add signs in the shop, on the carts, and in the food areas. Work with your employees to have them talk about these events. Finally, it would help if you did the same. Lock the office and communicate through several walkarounds to gauge interest and acquire feedback on the would-be calendar. 

Value is what the golfer believes, not what…


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