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11 Things You Need To Do When Visiting The Masters For The First Time

Chairs at The Masters around the 16th green

You’re a Masters rookie, giddy with excitement at what lies ahead: a first ever visit to Georgia and the world-famous Augusta National. No doubt you’ll have done some research, although it pays to be thoroughly prepared before attending the first Major Championship of the season. We’ve been going to Augusta for many, many years – so our team of writers is well placed to offer some helpful tips and advice. 

1. Buy A Chair

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It sounds expensive, but an official Masters chair cost just $30 in 2023. Now you can find your perfect spot, pop it down and head out on the course, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be there for you when you get back. What a fantastic tradition. 

2. Collect Your Beer Cups

Masters beer cups

Make sure you keep your Masters beer cups 

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Don’t worry – this won’t get you into trouble. You can take your plastic beer cups away with you – a super memento that doesn’t cost you anything extra. Come next year, when you’ve not been able to get a Masters ticket, you can sit back on your sofa with your favorite cup and think about that wonderful afternoon at Augusta National. Aaah, tastes nice. 

3. Wear A Cap


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