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Bridgestone 2022 Tour B RXS Golf Ball

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If you are a solid golfer and need some golf balls to stock up for the summer months, then I might have just found the model, and deal, for you. We tested the 2022 edition of Bridgestone’s B RXS golf ball back in May of that year and it remains one of our favorite golf balls, as you can see from its five-star review. It really delivered in terms of total performance and right now you can get a dozen for just under $40, which is not a common occurrence for a golf ball at this end of the performance spectrum. But what specifically made it so good in testing? I explain below…

In testing we put the B RXS up against the Bridgestone B RX, as well as the 2021 versions of the TaylorMade TP5x and Titleist Pro V1x, and the B RXS certainly held its own against those premium models. 

Starting in the short-game, it felt incredible. It was soft but not the spongy softness that sometimes comes with low compression golf balls. From a spin standpoint it was truly exceptional.

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

This performance continued in the long game as well. We expected it to produce shorter distance compared to the other balls but this wasn’t the case. Interestingly, our on-course results revealed no clear sacrifice in yardage, as the B RXS was good off the tee and on full approach shots into the green. We did also notice that it launched higher and had a higher peak height though, which will suit those golfers who need help in this regard. 

Bridgestone 2022 Tour B RXS Golf Ball

(Image credit: Golf Monthly)

Additionally we noticed how excellently stable the ball was in the wind. We have noticed this before in Bridgestone golf balls so it seems the company has a knack for consistency here. We also enjoyed the durability of the ball too which will suit many golfers out there, and further heightens the value of this ball at full price, let alone with 20% off!

To sum up we loved this ball in testing and continue to do so now. It usually retails at $49.99 which is a fair price given the performance, so the fact you can get a dozen for less than $40 cannot be ignored.


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