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Tiger Woods explains Sun Day Red, Masters tree memes to Jimmy Fallon

Tiger Woods explains Sun Day Red, Masters tree memes to Jimmy Fallon

Tiger Woods introduced his Sun Day Red brand in February. Now, his collab with TaylorMade is about to embark on the official launch of his Sun Day Red line.

Woods wore the new apparel at his tournament in Los Angeles, the Genesis Invitational, for the first time after a split with Nike after 27 years. He then sported the new look at Augusta National Golf Club in April, the first time he roamed the fairways there not wearing Nike in almost three decades.

Tuesday night, Woods made a late-night TV appearance on Jimmy Fallon, who asked him about the name Sun Day Red – yes, it’s three words – and how choice to wear red on Sundays came to be.

“Maybe because I’ve won a few tournaments on Sunday and wearing red,” he said, while actually wearing a blue shirt. He then went on to explain how his mom deserves the credit.

“The red story is actually a good one. It comes from my mom. My mom thought it was, being a capricorn, whatever, it was power color, some BS like that. I end up wearing red and winning some junior golf tournaments. So to spite her, I wore blue and I did not win those tournaments so, Mom was always right.”

But perhaps the better part of his visit to the late night talk show set was a bit where Fallon brought out the picture of Woods shaking Verne Lundquist’s hand on the 16th hole at the Masters. From the angle the camera got, it looks like Woods was merely shaking an arm sticking out from behind the tree.

As golf fans know, Memes ensued. Fallon made sure to bring it up to Tiger.

“It was all over the internet,” Fallon said. Tiger, playing along, said, “What happened?”


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