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Morning dew at Augusta National

Some water-resistant shoes can allow water, like morning few, make your feet wet. (Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Network)

“If you’re playing in a mesh shoe and you play early in the morning, your toes will get a little wet, but our testing is stringent. We have one shoe with micro-perforated stripes on the side, and we couldn’t consider the shoe waterproof because of that, so we had to label it water-resistant. No droplet is getting in that hole, and that doesn’t even punch all the way through the shoe. So, for us, when we say stuff’s water-resistant, it’s damn near waterproof.” – Justin Tucker, Puma Golf

“We don’t label our golf shoes as water-resistant, so I don’t think I can accurately answer that question. We have three levels of waterproofing in our line:, two-year, one-year and no waterproof. Footwear like the Flex would fall into our non-waterproof area. It has a mesh upper with no membrane, so water, without any treatment, would get in. Now, we’ll use a topical treatment that will keep water out, but if you use those shoes a lot, that treatment will wear off over time and water will be more likely to get in.” – Keith Duffy, FootJoy

“There’s some brands that say water-resistant, which is a generic term because it just means that at some part of the shoe it resists some part of water coming in. We try to put ourselves in the consumers’ shoes, and there’s nothing more annoying than walking down the first fairway and having your foot get wet on a sunny day because you stepped in grass that is barely above the midsole. We try to have on the lower half of our shoes, even the ones that are breathable, made with solid materials and materials that resist water, so it’s not soaking all the way up the upper and it’s not coming in just above the midsole.” – Masun Denison, Adidas

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