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Photos: Titleist’s prototype TSR 2-wood

Photos: Titleist’s prototype TSR 2-wood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Cameron Young, one of the most powerful players on the PGA Tour, quietly added a massive, yet-to-be-released Titleist fairway wood to his bag before the start of the Players Championship. He used the club at the Masters and with the PGA Championship just a few days away, the club, which looks like a mini driver but is labeled “TSR 2-wood,” is still in Young’s bag.

Titleist has not officially commented about the TSR 2-wood, but if history is a guide, that could change in the next few months. In the past, Titleist has released woods in two-year product cycles, and the last release was in 2022’s TSR family. Those clubs first appeared in June of 2022 at the PGA Tour’s Travelers Championship before arriving in stores in September. So, it would not be surprising if Titleist started seeding the next generation of drivers, fairway woods and hybrids in the next eight to 10 weeks. 

So far, Titleist has not released any details regarding the TSR 2-wood, but based on in-hand images and details included on the USGA’ Conforming Driver Head list, we know a few things already.

  • Loft: According to the Conforming List, the Titleist TSR 2-wood has 13 degrees of loft, but it also has an adjustable hosel that appears identical to Titleist’s SureFit hosel system. If it is, the 13-degree club can be adjusted into 16 different settings with lofts up to 14.5 degrees and down to 12.25 degrees.
  • Movbeable weights. Like the Titleist TSR4 driver, there are two moveable weights in the sole of the TSR 2-wood, one in the front and one in the back. Putting a heavier weight in the back should shift the center of gravity back, increase the launch angle, add spin and boost the stability. A heavier weight in the front would lower the launch angle, decrease spin and, most likely, increase ball speed.
  • Size. While the exact volume of the Titleist TSR 2-wood is not included in the USGA notes and details, and Titleist has not released it, the club dwarf’s the TSR2 3-wood and even the TSR2+ 3-wood. It has a noticeably larger hitting area and a deeper face. In the address position, it does not appear to extend back as much as the TSR2+, which has a 190cc head, but that club has a shallower face. The TSR 2-wood might be closer to 275-300cc in size.
  • Shape. From the toe size, the TSR 2-wood’s shape very closely resembles the TSR2 and TSR3 drivers. The crown swoops up from the topline, and the back of the sole rolls up. These…


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