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Pregame Playlist: Paula Martín Sampedro

Paula Martin Sa

In this week’s Pregame Playlist, we have a conversation with freshman women’s golfer Paula Martín Sampedro. She talks about how her eclectic music taste from Spanish pop to country has helped her throughout her golfing career. What’s your favorite song on this playlist and why?

Paula Martín Sampedro: “My favorite song on this playlist at the moment is “Por la boca vive el pez“. I really like the beat and it gives me a lot of positive energy prior a competition.”

GS: Who are your favorite artists these days?

PMS: “Some of my favorite artists now are: Fito y Fitipaldis, Melendi, or The Weeknd.”

GS: What about this playlist gets you ready for competition? 

PMS: “There are a lot of different songs in this playlist, and I believe that it gets me ready for competition because almost every song reminds me of a different time and often place. They bring back good memories and experiences on and off the golf course.”

GS: How would you describe your music taste in general?

PMS: “I would say my music taste is very diverse. I listen to a great variety of genres, Spanish and English songs, and from different times in history as well. I really enjoy pop music!”

GS: Does this playlist differentiate from what you listen to normally? If so, how come?

PMS: “This playlist is not very different from what I usually listen to. It depends on the time and mood, but I feel like this playlist contains a variety of songs that can really describe my general and daily music taste.”

GS: Any unique stories behind what these songs meant to you or your team?

PMS: “As I said before, most of the songs take me back to a specific competition or time. For instance, Caminando por la vida by Melendi reminds my of home and some of the best tournament trips I had during my last two years of high school. The song was released almost twenty years ago, but it is a spanish pop classic”

Paula Martin Sampedro Pregame Playlist

GS: How does your music taste compare to the rest of your team’s?
PMS: “I feel like my teammates have a similar music taste to mine, and I have been introduced to some really good songs and American artists I have not heard of prior to coming here. Country music or some of the English songs on my pregame playlist were new to me!”

GS: Describe your relationship with music, and how/if that relates to your sport.

PMS: “I really enjoy listening to music on a daily basis. I just listen to whatever feels right at the moment. As for the relationship between music and golf,…


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