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The Local Rule That Allows Players And Caddies To Use Rangefinders At the PGA Championship

Alex Cejka measures a target during the first round of the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

A rangefinder is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get a yardage when out on the golf course. In the amateur game, they are completely legal but, when it comes to the professional game, they aren’t allowed… sort of!

In 2021, The PGA of America announced that rangefinders would be allowed at the PGA Championship, claiming that they were being introduced to help with the ‘flow of play’ during the events. Along with the PGA Championship, The PGA of America also allows the use of rangefinders in its other Majors, including the Women’s PGA Championship and Senior PGA Championship.

Alex Cejka uses a rangefinder during the first round of the 2023 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship

(Image credit: Getty Images)

So, what is the ruling that allows players and caddies to use rangefinders in the PGA Championship? Well, devices that conform to Rule 4.3a (1) are allowed during the Major, with ‘Rule 4.3a (1) – Distance and Directional Information’ listed below.

  • Allowed: Getting information on distance or direction (such as from a distance-measuring device or compass).
  • Not Allowed: Measuring elevation changes, or Interpreting distance or directional information (such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball).


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