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Scottie Scheffler shows poise in wake of arrest

2024 PGA Championship

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Scottie Scheffler spent his morning learning that he’s just like the rest of us in the eyes of the law, only to show why no other golfer in the world can do what he does.

The No. 1 player in the Official World Golf Ranking found it nearly impossible to process all that transpired Friday before his morning tee time in the PGA Championship. His play was about the only thing that needed no explanation.

Who else has ever started their warmups stretching in a jail cell, showed up to the course less than an hour before tee time and managed to shoot one stroke better than they did the day before?

Scheffler shot a 5-under-par 66 in the second round and was among the top scorers at 9 under as fans shouted “Free Scottie” and he received applause as he made his way through the course.

“I definitely never imagined ever going to jail, and I definitely never imagined going to jail the morning before one of my tee times for sure,” Scheffler said. “But I was grateful to be able to go out there and compete.”

He arrived as he normally does at any tournament about three hours early to begin his warmup regimen and preparation for his round. Scheffler likes to stick to his routine. As he tried to turn into Valhalla Golf Club, he quickly discovered nothing was routine about Friday.

A man died on his way to work.

Let’s start there, because whatever really transpired between Scheffler and Louisville police officer Bryan Gillis that led to his Friday morning arrest will eventually come to light.

Gillis tried to stop Scheffler’s PGA courtesy car from driving around an accident scene to enter Valhalla, and it ended with the officer’s $80 pants being ruined and Scheffler taking a trip downtown in handcuffs.

Was it overzealous policing? Was Scheffler acting entitled and disobeying an order? There are a lot of questions that need answers, and the Jefferson County attorney’s office released a statement that it was still “obtaining information” and will “proceed accordingly.”

2024 PGA Championship

Scottie Scheffler during the second round of the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club. (Photo: Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

The fact that the encounter ended with Scheffler being charged with four counts including a felony second-degree assault of a police officer is a bit of an indictment on how inconspicuous he is, despite his status on top of the golf ranking.

Had it been Tiger Woods — maybe even Louisville native Justin Thomas — the officers would…


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