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2024 NCAA Men’s Golf Championship second round scores, updates

2024 NCAA Men’s Golf Championship second round scores, updates

One small tweak completely changes the par-5 18th hole.

The tee was moved up for Saturday’s second round for the difficult par 5. Instead of playing a little more than 600 yards into the wind, today the hole was playing roughly 560 yards, giving players an actual opportunity to go for the green in two shots.

Let’s set it up. The hole always plays back into the wind, so 600 yards is virtually impossible, even for the longest hitters in the game. Add in a landing area that narrows to roughly 20-25 yards wide the farther players hit their drive, the natural shape of the hole takes driver out of plenty players hands, especially those who can’t find the fairway. While good drives will be rewarded, water lurking on both sides of the fairway will punish any wayward shots.

Then there’s a creek that meanders through the fairway roughly 50 yards short of the green. During the women’s championship, not one player went for the green in two, everyone laying up short of the creek. It became a wedge-off, seeing who could hit it closer to possibly get a birdie. (There were only five eagles during the women’s event, all on hole outs and only one on a par 5).

On Saturday, plenty of players took their chances going for the green. A lot of golf balls came up short in the fairway between the creek and the green, but the tee being moved up gave players an opportunity to send it. It made the hole much better for spectators to watch and gave more excitement.

Scoring was higher on the hole Saturday than Friday, but that’s mainly because the pin was in a bit more difficult spot on a ridge. It’s clear moving the tee up doesn’t make the hole significantly easier, but it does make it better.

The chances of the tee remaining up for stroke play are slim, but it would be shame if it’s not moved up for match play. The hole was a dud for the women, and hopefully the same mistake isn;t made for the men.


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