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Body cam video leaked from PGA Championship

Body cam video leaked from PGA Championship

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Body camera footage showing the world’s No. 1 golfer sitting in the back of a Louisville Metro Police Department vehicle was leaked following his May 17 arrest.

Louisville Mayor’s Office Communications Director Scottie Ellis confirmed the authenticity of the video, which was widely circulated online, telling The Courier Journal: “It is unfortunate and very concerning that an individual leaked information that should have remained confidential until the completion of the investigation.”

While the footage is grainy, the audio is of a nearly three-minute conversation between an unnamed LMPD officer and Scottie Scheffler.

The video starts with Scheffler being read his Miranda rights.

“With those rights in mind do you want to talk to me about what happened?” the LMPD officer said.

“Please, please,” Scheffler said.

The PGA golfer begins to describe his interaction with LMPD detective Bryan Gillis.

“As I was pulling in, my window was down and as the officer told me to stop and as I was ― first of all I did not know he was a police officer,” Scheffler said. “I thought he was one of the security guards …”

The officer responded: “Stop right there. Why does that matter if he’s a security guard or a police officer if somebody’s telling you to stop?”

“Yes,” Scheffler said. “You’re right. I should have stopped. I did get a bit impatient because I’m quite late for my tee time and as he was reaching in the car, he grabbed my shoulder and hit me ―”

Scheffler tells the LMPD officer he feels Gillis’ actions were “a little bit overaggressive.”

“I pulled a little bit because I was afraid he was going to start hitting me,” Scheffler said. “And I didn’t know who he was. He didn’t tell me he was a police officer. All I saw was a yellow jacket. I didn’t know what he was doing. I had no idea he was a police officer.”

From there, the conversation turns to the yellow vests the police officers were wearing and why the professional golfer didn’t stop.

“If someone’s telling you to stop, no matter who it is, you don’t keep going,” the officer said.



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