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Callaway drops Paradym Ai Smoke Max, Triple Diamond Tactical drivers

Paradym Ai Smoke Max Tactical

Looking down in the address position, every Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max driver has the same look that features a black carbon fiber crown and matte black trim. The same thing goes for the Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond drivers. Sure, the sole of each of those drivers looks a little bit different because the bottom of each club is made with forged carbon, and as that material is superheated and pressed into shape under high pressure, the bits and pieces of each sole panel create unique patterns.

But for golfers who want the technology designed into the Paradym Ai Smoke Max or Triple Diamond, but thirst for something with a special look, Callaway has dropped limited-edition Tactical versions of each club.

Paradym Ai Smoke Max Tactical

The limited-edition Tactical drivers have green accents on the carbon fiber crown. (Callaway)

The limited-edition Tactical drivers, which are available for pre-order now on Callaway’s website and should be in stores starting June 14, feature green forged carbon and weights, along with a green Mitsubishi Tensei shaft and a matching Golf Pride MCC grip for $699.

Like the standard Paradym Ai Smoke Max and Triple Diamond drivers, the Tactical editions have been designed with Callaway’s Ai Smart face, a titanium hitting area that was created by having computers use artificial intelligence to study thousands of swings made by real golfers. Using those swings and the data collected from shots, the computers optimized the hitting area of each driver to create the most ball speed and forgiveness possible, effectively producing miniature sweet spots across the hitting area.

Paradym Ai Smoke Max TacticalParadym Ai Smoke Max Tactical

The Ai Smart face is designed to optimize performance over a larger portion of the hitting area. (Callaway)

The 460cc Paradym Ai Smoke Max has a sliding adjustable weight in the back of the sole to help players and fitters create a draw or fade bias while maintaining a high moment of inertia and stability. The 450cc Paradym Ai Smoke Triple Diamond has adjustable weights in the front and back of the sole to allow players and fitters to fine-tune the spin rate and launch angle.

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