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Five Of The Most Common Immovable Obstructions In Golf

Immovable Obstruction

There are Rules in golf that appear unfair (even if there is good reason for them.) But there are also rules designed to help you where possible. Sometimes, just occasionally, there’s a rule that (if you know about it) might just help you avoid an awkward situation. Immovable Obstructions are a case in point. If you encounter one on the course, you might initially think you’re in a sticky predicament, but you may be entitled, under the rules, to improve your situation.

What Is An Immovable Obstruction?

(Image credit: Kevin Murray)

An immovable obstruction is defined in the Rules as: Any obstruction that cannot be moved without unreasonable effort or without damaging the obstruction or the course, and that otherwise doesn’t meet the definition of a movable obstruction.


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