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Are You Allowed To Practise Putting After Completing A Hole?

Patrick Cantlay

There are few things in golf as frustrating as missing a putt you had been confident of making. You’ve seen the line, envisaged the roll, got your alignment spot on and stroked the putt well. Despite all that, the ball has grazed the edge of the cup and narrowly missed. You can’t believe it. After tapping in, you really want to have another go to see if you misjudged the line or whether you had simply been unlucky. The question is, in a counting round, are you allowed to do it? The simple answer is, yes.

In the Rules of Golf, rule 5.2 deals with practising on the course before or between rounds. If you are playing in a match play competition, you are allowed to practise on the course before or between rounds.


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