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5 Things All Great Female Golfers Do

5 Things All Great Female Golfers Do

Many golfers say watching the women’s game is more motivational and they gain more insight from it. Perhaps that’s down to the slower swing speeds, though Anne van Dam launches the ball distances some men could only dream of. For context, the tour average is a shade over 250 yards but the Dutchwoman regularly features among the game’s biggest hitters and averaged nearly 288 yards last season. Players on the female tours also appear to interact more with the fans, so perhaps golfers relate to them because they give more than just great shots.  

And let’s not forget women know how to win. Taking a moment to pay tribute to one of the greatest golfing legends that ever walked the fairways, Kathy Whitworth, who sadly passed away on December 24, 2022, was one of the women who changed the game of golf. The American won 88 LPGA tournaments, the most professional titles of anyone in history, male or female. She was also runner-up 93 times, meaning she registered an incredible 181 top-two finishes.


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