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The first 50 years: what a privilege!

The first 50 years: what a privilege!

On a cold day in March 1973, my career in golf began. Although I had caddied for years, working full time, becoming a part of the business was a dream coming true. Now 50 years later, I have the chance to look back, while still planning ahead. My first employer was a Class A PGA professional who happened to have played in three United States Opens, taught a U.S. President how to play the game, and was on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Talk about great beginnings! I never realized just how truly lucky I was until much later. This first employer created a strong foundation for all I was to become. The game became my 24/7 life. I not only wanted to become a solid player, I wanted to understand golf from the inside.

I understand that I am privileged to have worked in and served the game. I had the grand good fortune to work with smart, talented people, performing roles I loved, while serving some of the more successful organizations of their time. As I was planning this post, I was thinking about what the game provides those of us who draw a paycheck. It is a very special feeling. This In My Opinion post will give you three of my thoughts on some of the perks/ideals of working in the business of golf. Maybe one or more will ring true:

A broad education: Once I had settled into my job and the idea that this industry fit me like a glove, I moved on purpose over many years, acquiring the most information, the widest education possible. Takeaway: understand that no matter what you like doing, things change, and you may be forced to take on very different roles; losing a job can push you to acquire new skills. Think about learning operations, accounting, hospitality and leadership, in order to prepare for growth as well as those unforeseen detours lurking ahead. Growth you’ll want to experience. The other, time alone will tell.

Relationships: Over these 50 years I have held some wonderful roles. The best of these roles came to me through people I had gotten to know over time. Although this piece took me far too long, building friendships and nurturing relationships means a great deal to any career, especially when one stays in the same world for many years. Takeaway: build a plan to connect with as many industry leaders as you can over time. Building friendships, doing all you can to help others, can pay amazing dividends. Everything we gain in a career is through others. Besides the work you do, be certain to spend your remaining time connected…


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