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Tour Edge Exotics E723, C723 woods and irons

Tour Edge Exotics E723, C723 drivers

Tour Edge Exotics E723, C723 drivers (Tour Edge)

Gear: Exotics E723, Exotic C723 drivers
Price: $449 (E723) / $499 (C723)
Specs: 460-cubic-centimeter head with carbon fiber panels, sliding 20-gram weight and adjustable hosel for the E723; 445-cubic-centimeter head with carbon fiber panels, interchangeable weights and adjustable hosel for the C723.

The Exotics E723 drivers were designed to be the most stable and forgiving drivers Tour Edge has ever made. To achieve that, the company made each head using four large carbon fiber panels – two on the crown and two on the sole – to reduce weight and allow engineers to shift more mass into areas that benefit performance.

Tour Edge Exotics E723, C723 drivers

Large carbon fiber panels in the crown and sole create discretionary weight. (Tour Edge)

Most of that mass is in a 20-gram sliding weight system that Tour Edge calls a Flight Tuning System. It allows golfers to move the club’s center of gravity to encourage a draw or a fade off the tee, and in every setting the weight pulls the center of gravity down and back, away from the face. It dramatically increases the moment of inertia, so the Exotics E723 twists less on off-center hits.

To help maximize ball speed, the inner-facing side of the titanium face was divided into diamond-shaped zones with various thicknesses. The company said this Diamond Face VFT broadens the sweet spot, delivers more distance on well-struck shots and protects ball speed on mis-hits.

The Exotics C723 driver also has four large carbon panels and Diamond Face VFT. Both clubs also have an adjustable hosel that allows players and fitters to increase or decrease the loft by as many as 2 degrees and change the lie angle within a 3-degree range.

Tour Edge Exotics 723 driver

The Diamond Face VFT hitting area on the Exotics 723 drivers is designed to protect ball speed on mis-hits. (Tour Edge)

What makes the Exotics C723 different is its smaller head (445 cubic centimeters instead of 460), and it has two swappable weights instead of the one found in the Exotics E723. It comes with a 5-gram weight in the front and a 15-gram weight in the back. With the heavier weight in the rear, the Exotics C723 has a moment of inertia that nearly matches the Exotics E723. Switching the heavier weight to the front reduces spin by as many as 300 rpm and lowers the launch angle for golfers who otherwise might produce excessive, distance-robbing spin. 

Tour Edge C723 Driver

Tour Edge E723 Driver


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