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CaddyTalk Cube Rangefinder Review

As a golfer that has tested dozens of the best golf rangefinders over the last few years, only very infrequently am I bowled over by the user experience. But I certainly was when testing the CaddyTalk Cube. This rangefinder offers something very unique to the category, featuring technology that solves common problems golfers face while being incredibly accurate in the process. More on that later.

First impressions – the Cube comes in an excessively large, premium box that includes a luxurious carry case with magnetic closure tab and suede-like inner lining, a micro USB charging cable and cleaning cloth. The Cube device itself is notably lightweight (140g) and compact versus most other rangefinders plus it’s very boxy and industrial in its looks – cuboid in shape with a metallic frame and plenty of small screws visible. To hide all this and provide a tackier surface to grip when in use, you can purchase a silicone cover in various colors for £17.50, which I’d probably recommend doing. But even without it, the Cube is perfectly easy to hold and even with the Mode button located on the bottom, I didn’t accidentally press it once.

CaddyTalk Cube Rangefinder side

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The Cube shares many features with its sister model, the Minimi rangefinder (aside from its size), including Magic Slope, which applies the concept of ballistics to improve accuracy over conventional slope golf rangefinders and e-Slope, which takes into account the environmental factors of temperature, altitude and humidity. It also has the Pin Finder feature, which displays the shorter distance when you hold the measurement button and attempt to find the flag from a busy background (it vibrates to let you know too). But the Cube goes a step or two further with its clever Caddy Mode that incorporates three dimensional measuring.


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