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Lanny Wadkins calls Phil Mickelson a ‘disappointing figure’ in golf

Lanny Wadkins calls Phil Mickelson a ‘disappointing figure’ in golf

Once again, Phil Mickelson found himself in the middle of another controversy last week, this time due to an excerpt from an upcoming book about his gambling past.

Billy Walters, a noted gambler and friend of Mickelson, wrote in his soon-to-be-released “Gambler: Secrets from a Life at Risk,” that Mickelson attempted to bet on the 2012 Ryder Cup, an event he played in.

Lefty refuted the story on Twitter, writing “I never bet on the Ryder Cup. While it is well known that I always enjoy a friendly wager on the course, I would never undermine the integrity of the game. I have also been very open about my gambling addiction. I have previously conveyed my remorse, took responsibility, have gotten help, have been fully committed to therapy that has positively impacted me and I feel good about where I am now.”

Lanny Wadkins, the 1995 United States Ryder Cup captain and 1977 PGA Championship winner, joined Golf Channel Monday and was asked about the recent allegations against Mickelson by Golfweek columnist and Golf Today host Eamon Lynch.

“Very disconcerting. I don’t know if there has ever been a more disappointing figure in golf than Phil Mickelson,” Wadkins said, “seeing what’s transpired with him over the last 10-plus years. He was the beloved figure for a long time. We all marveled at the way he could play. But nothing looks kosher about what he’s doing these days.”

In reference to the Ryder Cup, Wadkins said, “He probably would’ve been a two-time captain. Now he’s not going to be involved. It’s really kind of a shame. He’s really self-imploded, and he just continues to do it at every turn.

“It’s disappointing and sad. It’s sad that we have people in our game that think they’re bigger than the game, and obviously Phil thinks he’s bigger.”

Mickelson, who last played for Team USA in 2018, grabbed his second top-10 finish of his LIV Golf career — 18 events — last week at Bedminster (T-9).


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