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Titleist Pro V1 vs. Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls: Our Head-To-Head Verdict

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Titleist Pro V1 vs Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls: Our Head-To-Head Verdict

As you can read from the Titleist Pro V1 ball review and Srixon Z Star ball review, these two are among the best golf balls on the market. The Z star is the softer, higher-spinning version of the Srixon Z Star range, whereas the Pro V1 is the slightly lower-spinning yet softer ball of the Titleist Pro V1 family. See how they fare head-to-head as we compare the Titleist Pro V1 vs. Srixon Z Star golf balls. Additionally see our guides on the best Titleist golf balls, and best Srixon golf balls as well.


Both of these balls are available in both white and yellow, with the Pro V1 housing 388 dimples versus the 338 of the Z Star. They each come with all-black text and a potentially useful straight-side logo for those who utilize this for alignment. 



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