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CMAA renews partnership with Club Benchmarking

CMAA renews partnership with Club Benchmarking

After a six-year hiatus, the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) is again working with Club Benchmarking on its finance reports. The two entities recently announced a multi-year agreement to renew the partnership.

Club Benchmarking will work with CMAA to better educate club management professionals on business intelligence and the value of data-driven decision making. It will power CMAA’s annual surveys, including the Club Finance & Operations Report and the Compensation & Benefits Report, as well as the biennial Club Governance Policies & Procedures Report.

Club Benchmarking started working with CMAA in 2011. However, in 2017 the association chose to work with Industry Insights instead. Club Benchmarking stayed active with the association and Club Benchmarking Founder Ray Cronin was a valuable contributor to the Key Club Performance Indicators Task Force for the development of Key Performance Indicators.

The association said that this synergy and changes in its research goals and needs led it to renew the relationship.

“Given the evolution of the needs of club’s business intelligence, we are thrilled to embark on this new avenue for collaboration with Club Benchmarking,” said CMAA’s President and CEO Jeff Morgan.

CMAA members will have access to select areas of the Club Benchmarking Platform for additional analysis, allowing them to analyze, compare, and improve their club’s performance in relation to CMAA’s Universal Key Club Performance Indicators.

“Our collaboration with CMAA as a Business Partner is a natural extension of CB’s passionate commitment to collecting, and analyzing data that can be used to manage and govern the club for better outcomes,” said Club Benchmarking Founder Ray Cronin. “Our entire team is looking forward to advancing our work with CMAA and its members to provide business intelligence and support data-driven leadership across the industry.”


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