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Three winners crowned at 2023 World Long Drive Championships

Three winners crowned at 2023 World Long Drive Championships

World Long Drive’s tag line is “This is golf at full throttle” and this year’s championship did not disappoint.

World Long Drive announced its return to the sport in 2023, and after a long season, three new world champions were crowned at the Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta.

Ryan Reisbeck took home the title of the Senior Division Champion. His winning drive totaled 372 yards as he faced Robert Oristaglio.

“I’ve been chasing this goal for 13 years now and it’s great to finally achieve it,” said Reisbeck.

Kyle Berkshire faced Sean Johnson in the finals and won his third world title with a drive of 398 yards. Berkshire had a season full of breakthroughs as well as drawbacks, but he delivered when it mattered most.

Monica Lieving faced four-time world champion Phillis Meti in the womens finals and took home her first championship title with a drive of 288 yards. This is not anywhere near Lieving’s typical driving distances, but Meti went out of bounds on all six balls resulting in a win for Lieving.

Prior to the World Championship, Lieving set a new personal best of 125.2 mph clubhead speed and 187 mph ball speed. These numbers are faster than most PGA Tour players.

2023 World Long Drive

All three players won with a 48” Kinetixx Velocity LD30+ shaft. Reisbeck and Lieving used the Callaway Paradym Long Drive head and Berkshire used the Cobra Aerojet Long Drive head.

All three champions train out of One Stop Power Shop in North Carolina coached by Bobby Peterson. Peterson has coached all three athletes for multiple years and these wins came with a lot of sweat and tears.

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