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XXio releases 13 family of woods and irons

Xxio 13 driver

Xxio 13 driver (Xxio)

Gear: Xxio 13 driver
Price: $699.99 with Xxio MP-1300 shaft and Xxio 13 Weight grip
Specs: Super-TIX 51AF titanium face with titanium chassis. 45.5-inches long. Available in 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 degrees of loft.

To maximize distance, golfers who swing their driver at 60, 70 or 80 mph need to make impact with launch conditions as efficient as possible, but even the pros sometimes miss the center of the face when they swing their driver. To enlarge the ideal hitting area, Xxio developed the BiFlex Face. The face itself is made from Super-TIX 51AF titanium, an extremely light but strong alloy that allowed designers to make the hitting area thinner.

But the key is that Xxio rounded the toe area and made the heel portion of the face narrower, which stiffened the perimeter of the face and made it work like the frame around a trampoline. At impact, the BiFlex Face allows a larger area to bend back and snap forward, so golfers will not only get solid performance on well-struck shots but also see better distance retention and a straighter ball flight on shots hit toward the heel or toe.

Xxio 13 driver

The redesigned toe and heel area provide resistance for the face and broaden the Xxio 13 driver’s sweet spot. (Xxio)

According to Xxio, the sweet spot in the Xxio 13 driver is 125 percent larger than the ideal hitting area in the Xxio 12 driver.

The BiFlex Face is complemented by Rebound Frame, a feature that debuted in the Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 drivers in 2020. By alternating regions of stiffness and flexibilities in the front portion of the chassis, Xxio designers allow the whole cup-face design to bend back, effectively making the hitting area respond like a trampoline with spring-like legs to help golfers generate more ball speed.

Xxio 13 driver

The Xxio 13 driver looks large in the address position but has ActivWing to help it square the face. (Xxio)

Tipping the scale at just 281 grams, the 45.5-inch Xxio 13 driver is lighter than most drivers on the market. And to make it even easier to swing, engineers gave it an updated version of ActivWing that is comprised of a pair of ridges on the crown behind the hosel. In the first portion of the downswing, ActivWing alters the airflow over the head to encourage the ideal face positioning and enhance speed. As the club approaches the ball, Xxio said the increased surface area on the crown encourages the face to get into the ideal hitting position, making it easier to strike the ball in the sweet spot.

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