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Swing instructor Mike Schy predicts more majors for Bryson DeChambeau

Swing instructor Mike Schy predicts more majors for Bryson DeChambeau

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – Mike Schy has never been – well, shy – in predicting big things for Bryson DeChambeau.

The 2020 U.S. Open champion was Schy’s prized student, who won the NCAA men’s golf title and U.S. Amateur under his watchful eye at his performance institute – “we’re on our third tent,” he once told me – at Dragonfly Golf Club (formerly Riverbend Country Club) in Madera, California.

But the two took a break much like Ross and Rachel in the TV show “Friends,” during which DeChambeau bulked up and reached new heights with Chris Como. But last year, Schy and DeChambeau reunited, although as Schy explains, “he’ll never admit it,” and to that extent DeChambeau also counts on Dana Dahlquist for swing help.

Speaking at the PGA Merchandise Show’s Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Club, Schy is borderline giddy when the topic of DeChambeau’s prospects for 2024 are raised. Schy tired of Tour life and traveling as part of DeChambeau’s entourage early in his pro career, but he says, “I want to be at a major this year, maybe the Masters, because he’s going to win a major this year. He’s going to win more than one more major, I’m just not calling multiples this year.”

Why is Schy so sure that DeChambeau is on the verge of taking his game to another level this year? To explain, he circles back to October when he went to Miami to see DeChambeau, who defected to LIV in June 2022, play. Schy was curious to see what a LIV event looked like and he got a lot more than he anticipated.

“So, I’m out there at the pro-am on Thursday, and he’s not hitting it well. His driver flattened a bit in Saudi Arabia and he was hooking it again. He got that figured out but he’s clearly not happy with the way he’s hitting it. You know how he gets,” Schy says. “I don’t say anything unless he asks. He called Dana (Dahlquist) at one point and hung up on him. He called me over from 60 yards away and said, ‘Mike, why am I hitting it bad?’ I said, ‘Well…’ I determined his ball position was too far back. He said, ‘You think it’s that simple?’ I said, ‘All day you’ve been saying it should be simple. What’s simpler than changing ball position?’ This is right after he hit it fat in the water. He hits a couple and it’s better. He says, ‘It feels like I have more turn.’”

One day later, Schy continues, he’s in the lockerroom conversing with DeChambeau about his old swing and DeChambeau commented…


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