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PGA Pro Dan Grieve Shares 5 Expert Golf Swing Set-Up Tips

Golf Monthly Top 50 Coach Dan Grieve demonstrating a neutral golf grip

As golfers, we all want to hear the best golf tips as we look to prepare for a strong season on the course. Straight away most golfers head to the range and look to hit the ball straighter, power up their golf swing and work out what is causing that dreaded shank.

But despite our thirst for information and desire to overcomplicate, the path to success is often simpler than we think. Having a simple, repeatable set-up could save you shots on the course before you have even hit the golf ball. With that in mind, we asked Golf Monthly Top 50 Coach Dan Grieve to share his five top tips for perfecting your golf swing set-up…

Perfect Your Golf Swing Set-Up: Grip


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