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Do You Get Relief From A Footprint In A Bunker?


We’ve all encountered this scenario. You’ve played a slightly loose shot and it’s just missed its target, be it fairway or green. You’ve seen the ball dive into a bunker, so you know you’re in a spot of bother. On reaching said bunker, you become aware that you’re in distinctly more trouble. Not only is your ball in the sand but it’s also in a cavernous footprint left behind by some previous, uncaring golfer. A challenging shot now looks to be a near impossible one.

The question that goes through your mind is – “do I play it?” And then, “If I don’t play it then what are my options?… Surely, I get a free drop… don’t I?”

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Rule 12.3 states that there are three situations where relief rules might apply for a ball in a bunker. They are:


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