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The big fat PGA Championship debrief!

What it’s like to hit a 452-yard drive (and what now for LIV?)

Xander Schauffele is a major champion at long, long last.

So often the bridesmaid in the game’s biggest events, the Californian stepped up to win the PGA Championship at Valhalla.  

On this week’s episode of The bunkered Podcast, Michael, Bryce and Alex reflect on Schauffele’s major breakthrough and wonder where it all went right. 

There’s chat about Bryson’s new-found popularity, Viktor’s missed opportunity, Bob Mac’s incredible week and Scottie Scheffler’s arrest (still feels completely weird to type that).  

Plus, is Tiger Woods in denial? Is DJ a spent force in the majors? And what now for Rory McIlroy? 

Tune in now! 

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