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PGA Show 2023: My thoughts

PGA Show 2023: My thoughts

Another PGA Show is in the books: gone, but certainly not forgotten. It was the first “big” show since January of 2020, just before the pandemic hit our shores. This show had juice; it had a special feeling, an attitude that the event once enjoyed as the normal state. It was fun! This post will recap the 2023 PGA Show. It will provide three opinions that can be as on point for your property as it was for those who attended. Here are my three opinions of this year’s PGA Show:

Energy: This event had major energy. The attendees felt it right from the start. There was a crowd. It was a group of industry men and women happy to be there. It had excitement, energy and an anticipation of what can happen next. There was only minor chatter of a recession or potential tough times. It felt more like a celebration of the past two years of the game’s success. It had the enthusiasm and anticipation for carrying that momentum through all of 2023. It was a blast!

New: The floor was solid with many of the expected big brands. In addition, it was completed with over 240 new brands, aching to grab more of the golf dollars that have been growing since the beginning of COVID. Can you believe it: 25% of the booths were first time attendees! People have been watching you. Golf is the new hot 4-letter word.

Friends: The PGA Show has always been a gathering of friends. This year, however, felt different, it felt better. There was a deeper appreciation in seeing the customers, the reps, and leadership we had not seen for years. People were shaking hands, holding for an extra second or two. It felt good, it felt right again. Although there was a 2022 PGA Show, it had none of the size or attitude this show carried for three straight days. People were happy to be there, genuinely happy to see old friends. This show just felt better than all the rest.

As you plan out the calendar for the year at your club, remember these three thoughts. Creating energy, a special buzz for golf at your property makes your business better. It makes golf better for your community. New is what we all want to see. Your golfer wants the new shoes, the new menu item, the new special plan to improve their score. New should be at the top of any marketing meeting agenda. Lastly, there are the relationships you and your team have with your golfers, with the community and with each other. When we walk into a great operation, we feel it. The same holds true for organizations that do not possess a caring…


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