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Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 LTD putter

Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 LTD putter

Gear: Scotty Cameron Concept X 7.2 LTD putter
Price: $750
Spec: Milled 303 stainless steel body with 6061 aluminum sole plate, adjustable steel weights
Available: Sept. 15

Scotty Cameron releases limited-edition putters a few times a year, and the clubs often blend elements of putters that are gaining popularity on the PGA Tour with unique finishes or colors. The just-released Concept X 7.2 LTD is the latest limited-edition offering to drop and it stylishly blends a popular mallet shape with a hosel configuration and weight system into a club that is sure to turn heads.

The Concept X 7.2 LTD’s body is milled from 303 stainless steel for a soft feel, with wing-style extensions in the heel and toe areas. When golfers address the ball and look down, they will see a pair of lines that are designed to be the width of a golf ball on the inner-facing side of each wing, along with three “cherry bombs” on the top line. Combined, these alignment features should make it easier to aim your putts and roll start them on your intended line.

Instead of using steel on the bottom of the club, a 6061 aluminum sole plate has been designed into the Concept X 7.2 LTD. Removing weight from the middle of the sole shifts more of the overall weight to the perimeter, for increased stability. It also helps to create the discretionary weight needed to add a pair of adjustable sole weights. They are not intended to be changed by golfers, but fitters can add different weights in those spots to adjust the putter’s swing weight.

The hitting area of the Concept X 7.2 LTD has been designed with the same dual-milling treatment found on the new Super Select putters. A first, deep milling helps to create a low-pitch sound and soften the feel at impact before a second milling shaves off the points created by the first milling, so more of the steel comes into contact with the ball for a more consistent roll.

Unlike many mallet putters that are face-balanced, the Concept X 7.2 LTD has a moderate amount of toe hang thanks to a plumber’s neck hosel. This neck configuration is popular on many of Cameron’s Newport-style blade putters and it should make the Concept X 7.2 LTD swing and feel like a heel-toe weighted blade, while providing the stability and forgiveness of a mallet.

The Tour Black finish of the head is complimented by a black stepless shaft and black pistol grip. A limited number of Concept X 7.2 LTD putters will be available at Titleist-authorized shops starting September…


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