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10 Most Essential Golf Accessories – Golf Monthly

10 Most Essential Golf Accessories - Golf Monthly

If you had to pare down the contents of your golf bag to the bare essentials, what are the accessories you just have to keep in there? Sam Tremlett runs through the 10 most essential bits of extra golfing kit.

With so many items of golfing equipment on the market today, it’s possible to take a golf bag onto the course crammed full of more kit than the average Artic Explorer would pack for a 12-week expedition. Whether you’re trolleying or carrying, it’s good to be prepared but there’s no need to overdo it. Here are the 10 most essential golf accessories that every player should always have to hand… Leading neatly on to:

Rain glove/s

Srixon Rain Glove

Not all golfers wear a glove in normal conditions but all will benefit from being in possession of a rain glove, or a pair of rain gloves, when the weather turns wet. Without this innovative product, your grips are liable to become like cylindrical bars of soap after the heavens have opened. Simply holding on to the club through the swing will be an achievement, let alone making a reasonable pass at the ball. A good rain glove actually becomes more grippy as it gets wetter meaning you can focus on the usual worries: ‘Don’t duff it,’ ‘Don’t shank it’ and ‘Don’t miss it,’ without the fear of premature club release clouding your thoughts.


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