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What it’s like to hit a 452-yard drive (and what now for LIV?)

What it’s like to hit a 452-yard drive (and what now for LIV?)

Michael, Bryce and Alex are joined on this week’s episode by bunkered’s gear editor James Tait, who’s fresh from his third-place finish at last week’s World Long Drive Championship.  

James went toe-to-toe with some of the biggest-hitters in the game – including Kyle Berkshire and defending champ Martin Borgmeier – and gave them all a run for their money, posting the longest drive of the week… a 452-yard monster! 

James talks us through the week, gives us the lowdown on his equipment (the loft on his driver is ridiculous), and explains how he preps for such an event. It’s a brilliant chat. 

Elsewhere, the guys reflect on LIV’s first full season and discuss what they got right, what they got wrong, and which players they might be targeting during the off-season.  

As well as that, there are tributes to Ivor Robson and Kevin McAlpine. 

Tune-in now! 

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