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Rory McIlroy at Ryder Cup wins Off-Course Viral Moment of the Year


The air-supported dome for the future home of the TGL indoor golf league that was founded by Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy was damaged and deflated after a temporary power system outage at the site. There were no injuries, and no technology was damaged in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Just weeks before the new Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy-led TGL was set to tee off, the tech-infused league’s dome collapsed, forcing the venture to postpone its start until 2025. Some of the biggest names in sports management are involved as team owners and some of the PGA Tour’s best players have signed up. From the tech to the team announcements, the TGL was moving fast and might have been bailed out by the delay.

“It was already in a rushed state so I think it’s only going to benefit it to start in (2025),” said Rickie Fowler.

We’ll never know if the TGL would’ve been ready to go by the first week of January, but we do know the image of the deflated dome will be one that fans won’t forget about anytime soon.


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