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Finally! Two Of Our Favorite Package Sets Have Huge Discounts For Left-Handed Golfers

Finally! Two Of Our Favorite Package Sets Have Huge Discounts For Left-Handed Golfers

It can be quite daunting for beginners taking up the game of golf because the sheer volume of equipment available means they are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting clubs. There are many manufacturers on the market producing equipment to cater for all types of golfers and the variety can be bewildering if you don’t know what you are looking for. 

For newcomers to the game, the simplest solution is to get a package set. A package set provides everything a new or casual golfer needs, at least until their skill level improves to a level where they need more specialist clubs, and there are sets to cater for every budget. 

At Golf Monthly we test a lot of clubs and that includes package sets, which we would highly recommend for beginners as it makes life much easier than building a bag that can set you back thousands of dollars. Package sets provide everything a new golfer needs, but thanks to technological advancements the best golf clubs sets for beginners are now more premium than ever, with the quality of the clubs and bags rising massively over the past decade. 

They aren’t always readily available for left handed golfers though and the choice can sometimes be a little more restricted, but the good news for lefties is that two of our favorites package sets – the Strata Complete Golf Set and the Callaway Golf XR Complete Set – are currently available in left handed versions at a great price case during Amazon’s Spring Sale. We rarely see these kinds of discounts on left-handed clubs so it is great to see!

You get an impressive amount of equipment for your money here. Included with the excellent stand bag are nine clubs; a driver, 3-wood, 5-hybrid and a set of irons from 6-PW, plus a 35″ blade putter. So it’s a very complete set offering beginner golfers a good range of clubs to get them out on course with everything they need while they learn the game. 

With there being only nine clubs, this gives you options to add clubs as you go, so as you hone your skills perhaps a lob wedge or a gap wedge could be added, or even another hybrid.

In testing we were very impressed with the irons. The topline is nice and thick to inspire confidence at address while the generous amount of offset should suit those who tend to slice their irons. They come as standard with a regular flex shaft (there isn’t a stiff option available), but this is the perfect set up for beginners.  

The driver is equally impressive for the price point, with the 460cc head…


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