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On-boarding enthusiastically – Golf Inc Magazine

On-boarding enthusiastically - Golf Inc Magazine

Can you see yourself in this picture? It is a sunny day in 2023, you have never been to play on a real golf course but are aching to give it a try. Your golfing friends had to go to work today, but you have the opportunity to slip out for 9 holes. Although your friends cannot be part of your excursion, you feel pretty safe believing help is plentiful once you pull into the club’s parking lot. You have a borrowed set so no need to rent clubs. Because you have never been to a real golf course, you don’t know the protocol, or even the questions to ask. You pull up into a parking space (not realizing there is a bag drop) and grab your clubs to head to the clubhouse. What happens next can be hit or miss. Hopefully you get lucky and run into a helpful team member. You end up being paired with a twosome, and although these golfers are patient and thoughtful, you truly can’t wait for your day to end. You just never felt at ease, moving through the day, through the unknown, without your friends to laugh through the fear.

Maybe this story is an exaggeration, maybe not. For several years I have felt bad for any rookie coming into the game. While many new golfers come with a friend or two, they all may lack the working knowledge of how to manage through the day of golf. Certainly for the past two plus years, the game has welcomed millions of both new and returning golfers to golf courses everywhere. These folks, stuck inside, were anxious to get out and see exactly what this game of golf circa 2023 was all about. What did the golf feel like for all who were looking for fun and fresh air? In my opinion, there needs to be a better way. A way to help engage and immerse new people who want to play, learn, and enjoy golf beyond just a test drive. Even with those returning to the game, golf has to feel a bit strange, beginning with simply booking a tee time.

When a person comes to the course for the first time, there should be a way to provide friendly engagement. In this In My Opinion post, I offer three ideas about the golfer on-boarding process. Here are my thoughts:

On the club website there can be a specific area providing new golfers a how-to section about the day ahead: You can extend that with a one-page content and welcoming sheet in the shop or on your golf carts. A good way for your new customer to better enjoy their day is for them to understand what’s ahead. The fewer surprises, the better the service scores. 

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